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Create bar quality cocktails in Greater Manchester

No handcrafted spirits collection whether at home or at your favourite cocktail bar is complete without Fossil Coast's gin, rum, and vodka expressions dedicated to the Jurassic Coast of Devon and Dorset

one of the UK's natural wonders enjoyed by those who love to

adventure into the great outdoors.

Your best cocktail bar in Manchester

Discover our selection of fossil coast lifestyle essentials for gin, rum, and vodka cocktail recipes

These cocktails and drinks recipes use our gin, rum, and vodka expressions that will help you easily create a bar quality cocktail perfect for enjoying at home with friends. Whether you're after a classic cosmopolitan, an espresso Martini, or a thirst-quenching gin and tonic our selection of the most popular classic cocktail recipes will make any birthday, wedding, party, or occasion special.

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Shop online with Fossil Coast Drinks and discover the 
handcrafted spirits that can be delivered to your door in Greater Manchester.

Bolton, Bury, Cheshire East, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, and Wigan.

Tameside, Trafford, Astley Bridge, Atherton, Back o' th' Bank, Barrow Bridge, Blackrod, Bottom o' th' Moor, Bradshaw Chapel, Lower Brazley, Breightmet, Brownlow Fold, Burnden, New Bury, Chequerbent, Chew Moor, Clammerclough, Cooper Turning, Cope Bank, Crompton, Darcy Lever, Daubhill, Deane, Dicconson Lane, Dixon Green, Dobb Brow, Doffcocker, Dove Bank, Dunscar, Dunscar Bridge, Eagley, Eagley Bank, Edgefold, Fernhill Gate, Firwood Fold, Four Gates, Fourgates, Gilnow, Gilnow Park, Great Lever, Hall i' th' Wood, Halliwell, Harper Green, Hart Common, Harwood Lee,  The Haulgh, Heaton and Lostock, Horrocks Fold, Horwich, Horwich North East, Horwich and Blackrod, Hosker's Hill, Hosker's Nook, Hulton, Hulton Lane Ends, Johnson Fold, Jumbles, Kearsley, Kearsley Moss, Knutshaw Bridge, Lecturers Closes, Lever Edge, Great Lever, Little Lever, Darcy Lever, Little Scotland, Lostock Hall Fold, Lostock Junction, Lower Brazley, Markland Hill, Middle Hulton, Montcliffe, Montserrat, Morris Green, Moses Gate, New Bury, Nob End, Oaken Bottom, Old Sirs, Over Hulton, Overhulton, Pocket, Prestolee, Ringley, Ringley Fold, Roscow Fold, Ruins, Rumworth, Salford, Scot Lane End, Scott Lane End, Sharples, Side of the Moor, Smithills, Smithills Dean, Stoneclough, Sweet Loves, The Haulgh, Tonge, Tonge Fold, Tonge Moor, Tonge with the Haulgh, Top o' th' Brow, Toppings, Victory, Walker Fold, Wallsuches, Water's Nook, Westhoughton, Westhoughton North and Chew Moor, Westhoughton South, Willows, Wilson Fold, Wingates, Withins, Affetside, Ainsworth, Anthony Fold, Baldingstone, Bank Lane, Barlow Fold, Besses, Besses O' Th' Barn, Bevis Green, Black Lane, Blackford Bridge, Blackford Brow, Bolholt, Bottom o' th' Fields, Bottom o' the Moor, Bowker Vale, Bradley Fold, Brandlesholme, Brooksbottoms, Buckley Wells, Burrs, Bury Ground, Carr, Chapel Field, Chesham, Higher, Cockey Moor, Coney Green, Daisyfield, Duckworth Fold, Elms Estate, Fern Grove, Fernhill, Fletcher Bank, Fletcher Fold, Fold, Duckworth, Fold, Fletcher, Free Town, Freetown, Gigg, Gollinrod, Greenmount, Half Acre, Hawkshaw, Hawkshaw Lane, Hazelhurst, Lower Heaps, Heaton Park, Higher Chesham, Higher Summerseat, Higher Woodhill, Hilton Park, Lower Hinds, Holcombe Brook, Hollins Vale, Holly Bank, Holyrood, Huntley Brook, Kirkhams, Leemans Hill, Lily Hill, Lily Hill, Lower, Limefield, Longfield, Lower Heaps, Lower Hinds, Lower Lily Hill, Lower Summerseat, Manchester, Molyneux Brown, Moor Side, Moorgate, Nangreaves, North Manor, Nuttall, Outwood, Outwood Gate, Owler Barrow, Park Hills, Parr's Fold, Peel Brow, Pilkington Park, Pilsworth, Pimhole, Pot Green, Prestwich, Prestwich Bank, Quakers Field, Radcliffe, Radcliffe East, Radcliffe North, Radcliffe West, Rainsough, Ramsbottom, Redvales, Rhodes, Rhodes Green, Sedgley, Sedgley Park, Seedfield, Shuttleworth, Simister, Springs, Stand, Starling, Stopes, Summerseat, Tagg Wood, Tanners, Tentersfield, Thatch Leach, Topping Fold, Tottington, Unsworth, Walmersley, Walshaw, Warth Fold, White Brow, Wood Fields, Wood Road, Woodgate Hill, Woodhey, Woodhill Fold,  Higher Woodhill, Woolfold, Abbey Hey, Albert Park, Alma Park, Ancoats, Ancoats and Clayton, Ardwick, Higher Ardwick, Baguley, Barlow Moor, Barlow Moor Road, Barnes Green, Baxter Park, Benchill, Birchfields, Blackley, Higher Blackley, Boggart Hole Clough, Bolshaw, Broadhurst Park, Brownley Green, Buckhall Green, Burnage, Castle Field, Cheetham, Cheetham Hill, Chorlton Park, Chorlton cum Hardy, Chorlton upon Medlock, Chorlton-cum-hardy, Chorltonville, Clayton, Clayton Vale, Collyhurst, Coston Park, Crossacres, Crowcroft Park, Crumpsall, Crumpsall Green, Higher Crumpsall, Lower Crumpsall, Debdale, Didsbury, Didsbury East, Didsbury West, Etrop Green, Fielden Park, Ford Bank, Gaythorn, Gorton, Gorton Brook, Gorton North, Gorton South, West Gorton, Great Horrocks, Hale Top, Hardy (Chorlton cum Hardy), Harpurhey, Heyhead, Higher Ardwick, Higher Blackley, Higher Crumpsall, Higher Openshaw, Holt Town, Great Horrocks, Hough End, Infirmary, Kenworthy, Knott Hill, Ladybarn, Levenshulme, North Levenshulme, Lightbowne, Longsight, Lower Crumpsall, Lower Openshaw, Manley Park, Miles Platting, Newton Heath, Monsall, Moss Nook, New Moston, Newall Green, Northenden, Northern Moor, Nutsford Vale, Old Moat, Openshaw, Parrs Wood, Peel Hall, Philips Park, Pike Fold, Piper Hill, Poundswick, Rackhouse, Red Bank, Ringway, Royle Green, Rushford Park, Rusholme, Ryder Brow, Sale, Sharston, Shaw Brook, Smedley, St. George's, Strangeways, Street Fold, Sunbank, High Town, West Didsbury, West Gorton, West Point, Whalley Range, Whitemoss, Willow Bank, Woodhouse Park, Wythenshawe, Acre, Acres, Alder Root, Alt, Austerlands, Bardsley, Higher Barrowshaw, Near Barrowshaw, Beal Hey, Besom Hill, Birks, Black Clough, Bleak Hey Nook, Boarshurst, Bottom of Woodhouses, Broadbent, Broadbent Moss, Buckley Wood, Bunkers, Burnley Brow, Butler Green, Calf Hey, Carrcote, Castle Shaw, Chadderton, Chadderton Central, Chadderton Fold, Chadderton Heights, Chadderton North, Chadderton Park, Chadderton South, Chain Bar, Cherry Clough, Cherry Valley, Clarksfield, Clough, Cold Hurst, Cold Hurst Hollow, Coldhurst, Cookcroft, Coppice, Copster Hill, Count Hill, County End, Cowlishaw, Crompton Fold, High Crompton, Cross Banks, Crowley, Cutler Hill, Dacres, Daisy Nook, Delph Greave, New Delph, Denshaw, Derker, Diggle, Diggle Green, Dobcross, Doctor Lane Head, Dog Hill, Droylsden, Drummer Hill, Dryclough, Earth, New, Factory Fold, Failsworth, Failsworth East, Failsworth West, Higher Failsworth, Fenny Hill, Fitton Hill, Frank Hill, Frankhill, Frenches, Friezland, Fullwood, Fur Lane, Glodwick, Glodwick Lows, Goats, Grains Bar, Grasscroft, Gravel Hole, Greenacres, Greenacres Fold, Greenacres Moor, Grimbies, Grotton, Haggate, Hanging Chadder, Harrop Dale, Harrop Edge, Hathershaw, Healds Green, Heathfields, Hey, Heyside, Higginshaw, High Crompton, Higher Barrowshaw, Higher Failsworth, Higher Rushcroft, Holden Fold, Hollinwood, Holly Grove, Holt Lane End, Holts, West Hulme, Knott Lanes, Knowls Lane, Knowsley, Laneside Lees, Nether Leesbrook, Leesfield, Lime Field Farm, Lime Gate, Lime Side, Linfitts, Little Wood, Long Sight, Low Crompton, Low Side, Lower Arthurs, Lower Rushcroft, Luzley Brook, Lydgate, Marslands, Medlock Vale, Middleton Junction, Mills Hill, Moorhey, Moorside St.Thomas, Moss Gate, Moss Grove, Moss Hey, Mumps, Narrow Gate Brow, Near Barrowshaw, Nether Lees, New Delph, New Earth, Nimble Nook, North Moor, Old Tame, Oldham, Oldham Edge, Oozewood, Ox Hey, Pitses, Pobgreen, Quick, Rhodes Bank, Road End, Rough Knarr, Roundthorn, Roxbury, Royley, Royton, Royton Moss, Royton North, Royton South, Rush Hill, Higher Rushcroft, Lower Rushcroft, Saddleworth, Saddleworth North, Saddleworth South, Saddleworth West and Lees, Sarah Moor, Scouthead, Shaw, Shaw Edge, Shaw Hall, Shaw Side, Shaw and Crompton, Shaws, Shelderslow, Shiloh, Sholver, Shore Edge, Slackcote, Small Brook, Snipe Clough, Spring Hill, Spring Wood, Springhead, St James', St. Thomas, Moorside, Stock Brook, Stockbrook, Stone Breaks, Stones Wood, Street Bridge, Street End, Strine Dale, Sun Hill, Tame Water, Old Tame, Tandle Hill, Taylor Green, Thorp Clough, Top O Th' Knowl, Top Of Moor, Top o' th' Edge, Top o' th' Knowl, Top o' th' Meadows, Top of Cragg, Top of Lane, Uppermill, Walkers, Wall Hill, Washbrook, Watersheddings, Weakey, Werneth, West Hulme, Wharmton, White Gate, White Gate End, Wood Brook, Wood Park, Woodhouse Green, Woolroad, Alkrington Garden Village, Ashbrook Hey, Ashworth, Back O'the Moss, Bagslate Moor, Balderstone, Balderstone and Kirkholt, Belfield, Belfield Estate, Bentgate, Birtle, Boarshaw, Boarshaw Estate, Higher Boarshaw, Bottom o' th' Brow, Bottom o' the Brow, Bowlee, Broadhalgh, Broadley Fold, Buersil, Buersil Head, Burnedge, Butterworth Hall, Calderbrook, Caldermoor, Caldershaw, Captain Fold, Catley Lane Head, Central Rochdale, Cheesden, Clegg Hall, Little Clegg,Clover Hall, Crimble, Cutgate, Darn Hill, Dearnley, Dearnly, Dicken Green, Dixon Fold, Durn, Ealees, East Middleton, Featherstall, Firgrove, Fold, Lower, Gale, Gate House, Great Howarth, Greave, Green Booth, Greengate, Hades, Haugh, Heady Hill, Healey, Healey, Lower, Healey, Middle, Heap Bridge, Hebers, Hey Brook, Heywood, Higher Boarshaw, Higher Ogden, Higher Tonge, Hollingworth, Hollingworth Fold, Hooley Bridge, Hooley Brow, Hopwood, Hopwood Hall, Howarth Cross, Great Howarth, Hurstead, John Lee Fold, Kenyon Fold, Kirkholt, Kitcliffe, Lady House, Lane Bottom, Lark Hill, Lightowlers, Lime Field, Little Clegg, Little Park, Littleborough, Littleborough Lakeside, Lower Fold, Lower Healey, Lower Ogden, Lowerplace, Marland, Meadow Head Farm, Merefield, Middle Healey, Middleton (Rochdale), Milkstone, Milkstone and Deeplish, Milnrow, Milnrow and Newhey, Mitchell Hey, Monmouth Estate, Newbold Brow, Newhey, North Heywood, North Middleton, Oakenrod, Ogden, Higher, Old Birtle, Oulder Hill, Passmonds, Pleasant View, Pretty Wood, Prettywood, Prickshaw, Rain Shore, Rakewood, Red Lumb, Rochdale, Rough Bank, Royle Hill, Rydings, Sally Street, Shawclough, Shore, Siddal Moor, Simpson Clough, Slattocks, Smallbridge, Smallbridge and Firgrove, Smithy Bridge, Smithy Nook, Smithybridge, South Middleton, Sparth, Spotland Bridge, Spotland Fold, Spotland and Falinge, Springhill, Stake Hill, Stanycliffe, Stid Fold, Stoneyfield, Sudden Summit, Syke, Thornham Fold, Timbercliffe, Higher Tonge, Top o' th' Lane, Top of Heap, Top of Hebers, Trub, Tunshill, Turf Hill, Wardle and West Littleborough, Water Grove, West Heywood, West Middleton, White Lees, Whitfield Bottoms Farm, Whittaker, Whittle Fold, Whittle Hill, Wolstenholme, Woodside Farm, Wuerdle, Agecroft, Alder Forest, Barton Moss, Barton upon Irwell, Little Bolton, Booths Bank, Boothstown, Boothstown and Ellenbrook, Brindle Heath, Broadoak Park, Broughton Park, Higher Broughton, Lower Broughton, Cadishead, Cadishead Moss, Charlstown, Chat Moss, Chorlton Fold, Claremont,  The Cliff, Clifton Green, Clifton Junction, Dales Brow, Deans, Edge Fold, Egerton Park, Ellenbrook, Ellesmere Park, Engine Fold, Great Woolden Moss, Greenheys, Higher Broughton, Heath, Brindle, Higher Irlam, Little Hulton, Irlam, Irlam Moss, Irlam o' th' Height, Higher Irlam, Lower Irlam, Irlams o' th' Height, Irwell Riverside, Jenny Green, Kersal, Kersal Dale, Lower Kersal, Langworthy, Langworthy Park, Light Bourne Green, Linnyshaw, Little Bolton, Little Hulton, Little Woolden Moss, Lower Broughton, Lower Irlam, Lower Kersal, Mather's Fold Road, Monton, New Windsor, Ordsall, Parr Fold, Patricroft, Peel, Peel Green, Pendlebury, Pendleton, Roe Green, Salford Quays, Seedley, Sindsley House, Street Gate, Swinton North, Swinton Park, Swinton South, The Cliff, Walkden, Walkden North, Walkden South, Wallness, Wardley, Weaste, Weaste and Seedley, Westwood Park, Whittle Brook, New Windsor, Woods End, Great Woolden Moss, Little Woolden Moss, Worsley, Worsley Yard, Adswood, Arden, Arden Park, The Banks, Barlowfold, Barnfold, Barrack Hill, Beacom Houses, Beamsmoor, Benfield Clough, Bolshaw Outwood, Bongs, Bosden, Brabyns Park, Bramhall, Bramhall Green, Bramhall Moor, Bramhall North, Bramhall Park, Bramhall South and Woodford, Bredbury, Bredbury Green, Bredbury Green and Romiley, Bredbury and Woodley, Bredbury, Lower, Brinnington, Brinnington and Central, Bruntwood Park, Burymewick, Butterhouse Green, Cale Green, Capstone, Cheadle, Cheadle Heath, Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle Hulme North, Cheadle Hulme South, Cheadle and Gatley, Cobden Edge, Compstall, Compstall Road, Cote Green, Damsteads, Danbank, Davenport Park, Davenport and Cale Green, Doudfield, Edge Lane, Edgeley, Edgeley and Cheadle Heath, Ernocroft, Fern Acre, Foggbrook, Gatley, Gillbent, Great Moor (Stockport Great Moor), Greavefold, Harrytown, Hatherlow, Hawk Green, Hazel Grove, Heald Green, Heaton Chapel, Heaton Mersey, Heaton Moor, Heaton Norris, Heatons North, Heatons South, Heaviley, Holly Vale, Hollywood End, Hope Hill, Kitt's Moss, Lancashire Hill, Ley Hey Park, Little Moor (Stockport Little Moor), Lower Bredbury, Lower Marple, Lowerpark, Marple, Marple Bridge, Marple Dale, Marple North, Marple Ridge, Marple South, Marple, Lower Marpleridge, May Croft, Mellor, Mersey, Heaton, Mid Reddish, Moseley, Nab Top, Norbury Moor, Norris Bank, Norris Hill, North Reddish, Offerton Fold, Offerton Green, Portwood, Pownall Green, Reddish Green, Reddish North, Reddish South, Reddish Vale, Mid Reddish, North Reddish, South Reddish, Ridge End, Romiley, Rydeacre, South Reddish, Stanley Green, Stepping Hill, Stockport, Stockport Great Moor, Stockport Little Moor, Strines, Sundial, Tang, Tarden, The Banks, Tiviot Dale, Top-o-th' Hill, Torkington, Townscliffe, Turf Lea, Wallbank, Windlehurst, Woods Moor, Alt Hill, Ashton Hurst, Ashton Moss, Ashton St Michael's, Ashton Waterloo, Ashton-under-Lyne, Audenshaw, Backbower, Bardsley Gate, Bayleyfield Mill, Bonnyfields, Botany, Bower Fold, Bowlacre, Broad Carr, Broad Oak Clough, Broadbottom, Broomstair, Brushes, Buckton Vale, Broad Carr, Carrbrook, Castle Hall, Cheetham Fold, Clayton Bridge, Clough Fold, Cockbrook, Cocker Hill, Cross Gate, Crowhill, Crows i' th' Wood, Denton North East, Denton South, Denton West, Droylsden East, Droylsden West, Dukinfield, Dukinfield, Stalybridge, Far Souracre, Fern Bank, Flash, Flowery Field, Fold, Fox Platt, Gee Cross, Godley, Godley Green, Green Side, Guide Bridge, Hackingknife, Hague Estate, Lower Harpley, Hartshead Green, Hattersley, Haughton Dale, Haughton Green, Heyheads, Heyrod, Higher Hurst, Hillend, Hodgefold, Holebottom, Hooley Hill, Hough Hill, Hurst Brook, Hurst Clough, Hurst Knoll, Hurst Nook, Higher Hurst, Hyde (Tameside), Hyde Godley, Hyde Green, Hyde Newton, Hyde Werneth, Knott Fold, Landslow Green, Leylands, Lily Lanes, Limehurst, Little Bank, Little Moss, Littlemoss, Longdendale, Lower Roe Cross, Lukes Fold, Luzley, Matley, Micklehurst, Mossley, Mossley Brow, Mossley Cross, Upper Mossley, Mottram Rise, Mottram in Longdendale, Mudd, New Row, Newton Wood, Newtonhurst, Park Bridge, Quick Edge, Quickwood, Roaches, Roe Cross,  Lower Roe Cross, Roughtown, Ryecroft, Sandbed, Shaw Moor, Shawhall, Shire Clough, Sidebottom Fold, Smallshaw, Souracre, Spindle Point, Spout Green, Stalybridge, Stalybridge North, Stalybridge South, Stamford Park, Sun Green, Swanwick Clough, Swindells Fold, Tame Valley, Taunton, Tetlow Fold, The Hague, Thompson Cross, Thorncliffe, Thornley Park, Three Lanes End, Tonge Green, Upper Mossley, Walkerfold, Warhill, Wedneshough Green, Well Style, Wilshaw, Altrincham, Ashton upon Mersey, Bent Lanes, Bowdon, Bowgreen, Brook's Bar, Broomwood, Bucklow-St Martins, Calder Bank, Carrgreen, Lower Carrgreen, Carrington, Cornbrook, Croft's Bank, Darley Park, Davyhulme, Davyhulme East, Davyhulme West, Dumplington, Dunham Massey, Dunham Town, Dunham Woodhouses, Firswood, Flixton, Gorse Hill, Hale (Trafford), Hale Barns, Hale Central, Hale Moss, Halebarnes, Hullard Park, Longford Park, Lower Carr Green Farm, Lower Carrgreen, Lower House Farm, Mersey Farm, Moor Nook, Mossbrow, Newcroft Hall, Oakfield, Old Trafford, Oldfield Brow, Partington, Sale Moor, Seamons Moss Bridge, Shawetown Farm, Sinderland Green, Sinderland House Farm, Stretford, Timperley, West Timperley, Town's Gate, Trafford Park, Trafford, Old Urmston, Warburton, Warburton Green, Well Green, Wharfside, Woodheys Park, Abram, Abram Brow, Almond Brook, Ashton Heath, North Ashton, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Aspull, Aspull Common, Aspull Moor, Aspull New Springs Whelley, Astley Green, Astley Mosley Common, Atherleigh, Bank Heath, Bickershaw, Blackmoor, Boars Head, Bolton Houses, Bottling Wood, Brocstedes, Brownlow Farm, Bryn Gates, Buggins, Bull Hey, Canran, Hope Carr, Crankwood, Crooke, Cross Hillock, Douglas, Dover, Far Moor, Firs Lane, Higher Fold Estate, Garton Common, Gathurst, Gidlow, Gin Pits, Golborne and Lowton West, Great Moss, Green Lane End, Hag Fold, Haigh, Hawkley, Higher End, Higher Fold Estate, Higher Folds, Higher Ince, Highfield Moss, Hindley, Hindley Green, Hindsford, Holly Nook, Hooten Gardens, Hope Carr, Howe Bridge, Higher Ince, Lower Ince, Ince-in-Makerfield, Kirkhall Lane, Kit Green, Kitt Green, Laithwaite, Lamberhead Green, Land Gate, Land Side, Leigh East, Leigh South, Leigh West, Leyland Mill Brow, Lilford, Little Westwood, Liverpool, Longshaw Common, Longshoot, Low Green, Lower Ground, Standish, Lowton Common, Lowton East, Lowton Heath, Lowton St Mary's, New Manchester, Marsland Green, Martland Mill, Mosley Common, New Fold, New Manchester, New Springs, Newton-le-Willows, North Ashton, Old Fold, Orrell, Orrell Post, Parr Bridge, Parr Brow, Pennington Green, Pickley Green, Plank Lane, Platt Bridge, Poolstock, Red Rock, Redwood, Rose Bridge, Scholes, School Common, Shevington, Shevington Moor, Shevington Vale, Siddow Common, Spring View, St. Patrick's, Standish Lower Ground, Standish with Langtree, The Straits, Stubshaw, Stubshaw Cross, Swinley, Tamer Lane End, The Bell, The Straits, Thorn Hill, Top Lock, Town Green, Town Lane, Town of Lowton, Tucker's Hill, Tyldesley, Wallgate, Walmough Row, Wash End, Water Hayes, Water Heyes, Little Westwood, Whelley, Whithill, Wigan, Wigan Central, Wigan West, Windy Arbour, Winstanley, Winstanley Park, Worsley Hall, Worsley Mesnes and Worthington

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M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M9, M11, M12, M13, M14, M15, M16, M17, M18, M19, M20, M21, M22, M23, M24, M25, M26, M27, M28, M29, M30, M31, M32, M33, M34, M35, M38, M40, M41, M43, M44, M45, M46 and M50.

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