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Accepted Payments

Accepted Payment Methods   

Keystohn Limited the owner and operator of Fossil Coast Drinks Co. uses a combination of PayPal, Square and Sum Up for the provision of safe, secure, and PCI compliant digital payment services for products and services purchased on our website. Square works with UK-issued and most international tap, chip and PIN, magnetic stripe cards with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, Visa Electron, or Vpay logo. Our accepted currency is the British Pound Sterling (£ GBP). We do not accept cheques, direct deposits, bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies. If you're trying to pay for any product or service on our website and your payment was declined, it could be because the payment method is invalid, the billing details were entered incorrectly, or there's an issue with your bank or card issuer. It's a good idea to find out why your card didn't go through. The quickest way to do so is to contact your card issuer or your bank.

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