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Guest Blogger Policy

Fossil Coast Drinks Co.
Guest Blogger Policy  


Fossil Coast Drinks Co invites applications for Guest Bloggers. Please read this policy before contacting Fossil Coast to apply. We shall accept applications from professionals, undergraduates, and amateurs in the field’s paleontology, earth sciences, tourism, and related commercial businesses. Each blog shall be promoted by Fossil Coast’s social media channels and community email.

All contributors to the Fossil Coast Drinks Co blog shall agree to our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Guest Blog Policy as outlined below. We reserve the right to reject or delete any post, as well as prohibit the author from contributing to Fossil Coast going forward in the event of a breach.

Each month the most engaged blog shall be rewarded with a voucher to purchase from the Fossil Coast Drinks Co website (UK only) and an alternative for international contributors. Guest Bloggers should be aged over 18 years.



Imagine, a couple enjoying a glass of Fossil Coast looking out onto the coast. Having read a blog post they begin to discuss the origin of Old Harry’s Rocks, why the cliffs of East Devon are red in colour, where the best places are to find fossils, and where they can experience an adventure or tour. We are interested in blogs that decode the complexity of the earth sciences.

All Guest Blogs have to be original, helpful, and written in plain English or ‘lay’ so you can communicate your contribution to all audiences. Guest Blogs should clearly demonstrate first-hand your expertise, depth of knowledge, and expertise. After reading your Guest Blog the reader should walk away with a feeling that they have added to their own knowledge and should be able to easily communicate this content to others.


At the footer of each Guest Blog shall be a biography provided by the Guest Blogger. This Bio shall include your Name, Title(s), Occupation, Area of Expertise, and links to your social media profiles.


Your contribution as an authorised Guest Blogger should:

  • Be 100% original and written by the Guest Blogger

  • Be exclusive (No syndicated blog posts)

  • Contain no plagiarism

  • Ensure spelling and grammar is correct

  • Not rely heavily on quoting influencers, experts, or authorities - the emphasis is on you being the expert

  • Not contain stock images and the Guest Blogger should have permission to use or own the copyright for each image supplied within the Guest Blog. All images require a copyright attribution.

  • Not violate Google’s content policies

  • Not be a marketing advertorial or directly selling a product or service

  • Any disclosures about relationships or references with a company, institutions, or people mentioned in the Guest Blog should be approved before submission to Fossil Coast.

  • Having no self-serving, promotional links, buying, trading, or selling links is strictly prohibited on Guest Blogs. Fossil Coast has the right to remove them or add a rel=”nofollow”

  • Have no tags, containers, or social media embeds

  • No Memes



Fossil Coast Drinks Co is interested in blog submissions from around the world including and not limited to fossils, the fossil record, geological periods, geoparks, extinction events, geomorphology, dinosaurs, marine reptiles, rock formations, excavations, and new fossil finds.

The most successful Guest Blogs tend to be: Lists (e.g., examples, tips, tools, tactics); How-to guides; explainer posts (e.g., what is…/why x matters); Actionable tips and practical advice; Share your own experiences, reviews, visits, digs or fossil finds. Don’t rely heavily on quoting influencers, experts, or authorities from other sites. The emphasis is on you being the expert.


  • The minimum Guest Blog length is 1,000 words and a maximum of 2,000 words

  • Keep paragraphs short with a maximum of 3 sentences per paragraph.

  • Images should ideally be provided in PNG and a minimum size of 1,600 pixels wide and 840 pixels tall.

  • Guest Blog titles should be interesting enough to encourage people to click on them and have a maximum character count of 70 characters.

  • Images should have a descriptive name; a short caption and always have an Alt-Text description. Fossil Coast has the right to add these if provided without a descriptive file name, caption, or Alt-Text.

  • A meta description should be provided with the Guest Blog containing 1-2 concise sentences of approximately 20-27 words. Fossil Coast has the right to add this if not provided.

  • Subheadings shall be set up as H2 headings and sections within subheadings shall be set up as H3 headings

  • Avoid bolding or font formatting in sentences

  • Fossil Coast shall implement the structured data markup, meta tags, and page tags. 


I confirm that I have read the above Guest Blogger Policy.

To apply click Contact Us

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