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South West Drinks Cellar

The Team at Fossil Coast are supporters of other producers of beers, wines, spirits, ciders, and soft drinks who call the South West of England their home. Discover our carefully chosen selection of handpicked artisan drink makers in our region who are innovative, collaborative, traditional, organic, and champion sustainability.




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Devon Gin Cellar

Devon Rum Cellar

Devon Vodka Cellar

Devon Whisky Cellar

Devon Wine Cellar

Devon Beer Cellar

Devon Cider Cellar

Devon Non Alcoholic Cellar

Devon Cocktail Cellar

Devon Mixer Cellar

Devon Fruit Juice Cellar

Devon Spring & Mineral Water Cellar



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Somerset Gin Cellar

Somerset Rum Cellar

Somerset Vodka Cellar

Somerset Whisky Cellar

Somerset Wine Cellar

Somerset Beer Cellar

Somerset Cider Cellar

Somerset Non Alcoholic Cellar

Somerset Cocktail Cellar

Somerset Mixer Cellar

Somerset Fruit Juice Cellar

Somerset Spring & Mineral Water Cellar



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Bristol Gin Cellar

Bristol Rum Cellar

Bristol Vodka Cellar

Bristol Whisky Cellar

Bristol Wine Cellar

Bristol Beer Cellar

Bristol Cider Cellar

Bristol Non Alcoholic Cellar

Bristol Cocktail Cellar

Bristol Mixer Cellar

Bristol Fruit Juice Cellar

Bristol Spring & Mineral Water Cellar

gatis-marcinkevics-uif_bZoZTgA-unsplash (1).jpg
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Dorset Gin Cellar

Dorset Rum Cellar

Dorset Vodka Cellar

Dorset Whisky Cellar

Dorset Wine Cellar

Dorset Beer Cellar

Dorset Cider Cellar

Dorset Non Alcoholic Cellar

Dorset Cocktail Cellar

Dorset Mixer Cellar

Dorset Fruit Juice Cellar

Dorset Spring & Mineral Water Cellar



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Wiltshire Gin Cellar

Wiltshire Rum Cellar

Wiltshire Vodka Cellar

Wiltshire Whisky Cellar

Wiltshire Wine Cellar

Wiltshire Beer Cellar

Wiltshire Cider Cellar

Wiltshire Non Alcoholic Cellar

Wiltshire Cocktail Cellar

Wiltshire Mixer Cellar

Wiltshire Fruit Juice Cellar

Wiltshire Spring & Mineral Water Cellar


Channel Islands

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CI Gin Cellar

CI Rum Cellar

CI Vodka Cellar

CI Whisky Cellar

CI Wine Cellar

CI Beer Cellar

CI Cider Cellar

CI Non Alcoholic Cellar

CI Cocktail Cellar

CI Mixer Cellar

CI Fruit Juice Cellar

CI Spring & Mineral Water Cellar



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Cornish Gin Cellar

Cornish Rum Cellar

Cornish Vodka Cellar

Cornish Whisky Cellar

Cornish Wine Cellar

Cornish Beer Cellar

Cornish Cider Cellar

Cornish Non Alcoholic Cellar

Cornish Cocktail Cellar

Cornish Mixer Cellar

Cornish Fruit Juice Cellar

Cornish Spring & Mineral Water Cellar



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Gloucestershire Gin Cellar

Gloucestershire Rum Cellar

Gloucestershire Vodka Cellar

Gloucestershire Whisky Cellar

Gloucestershire Wine Cellar

Gloucestershire Beer Cellar

Gloucestershire Cider Cellar

Gloucestershire Non Alcoholic Cellar

Gloucestershire Cocktail Cellar

Gloucestershire Mixer Cellar

Gloucestershire Fruit Juice Cellar

Gloucestershire Spring & Mineral Water Cellar


Isles of Scilly

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IOS Gin Cellar

IOS Rum Cellar

IOS Vodka Cellar

IOS Whisky Cellar

IOS Wine Cellar

IOS Beer Cellar

IOS Cider Cellar

IOS Non Alcoholic Cellar

IOS Cocktail Cellar

IOS Mixer Cellar

IOS Fruit Juice Cellar

IOS Spring & Mineral Water Cellar

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