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Fossil Coast Drinks Co Joins The South West Coast Path

We are proud to support the South West Coast Path Association (SWCPA) as a Coast Path Producer.

Among the United Kingdom’s most famous National Trails is the South West Coast Path which will celebrate its 50th year in 2023.

This is a long national trail covering 1,014km or 630 miles, has over 30,000 steps and runs along the southwest coast of England, hugging the beautiful coastal scenery of Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and Dorset. A great deal of this trail resides within national parks or Areas Of Natural Beauty (AONB) clearly way-marked by the symbol of an "acorn", used by all the UK’s National Trails.

When Jack and I founded Fossil Coast Drinks Co we wanted to explore and contribute towards having a brand that positively impacts on the local environment as well as add to the place-identity of the area for residents and tourists who visit and staycation along the Jurassic Coast.

The South West Coast Path is an essential part of the South West tourism economy, attracting over 9 million visitors a year and bringing £520 million into the region.

It is estimated that it costs £1,400 per year to manage each one of the 630 miles that make up the Path, which is under increasing pressure primarily from climate change and erosion from tourism.

According to research by the National Coastal Tourism Academy the coasts of Devon, Dorset, Cornwall and Yorkshire are the most visited coastal areas in England. Of the visitors to these areas 68% were with a partner or spouse and 25% with Children under age of 18 for the main reasons of relaxation and spending quality time with friends or family.

Popular activities taken during a holiday to the coast include unsurprising include having a meal out, visiting the beach and 64% of visitors spent time walked the coast path. Backing this up is research by Natural England – the government’s adviser on the natural environment. It shows the significant value of coastal walking for health and wellbeing, with 97% of people feeling refreshed and revitalised as a result of their visit.

The South West Coast Path Association was originally founded in the Devon town of Newton Abbot in May 1973 as the South West Way Association. Initially it was mainly engaged in campaigning for a complete Coast Path and over the years has grown standing with the Government, local authorities, Countryside Commission and the National Trust and built its membership and fundraising to become the charity it is today.

The charity is responsible for championing, protecting and caring for the South West Coast Path, the SWCPA works with volunteers, fundraisers, members, businesses and partners like you to help raise awareness of the Trail and generate the funds needed to look after it.

The South West Coast Path is a valuable connector between the sea, coast and land, and its preservation is vital and the reason why Fossil Coast Drinks Co is proud to support.


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