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Fossil Coast Gin announces its membership to Food & Drink Devon

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Fossil Coast Gin has been recognised and meets the criteria to be among the "best of delicious Devon" by becoming a member of Food & Drink Devon who are dedicated to supporting and celebrating the best quality, sustainability and the provenance of seasonal and local produce from the county of Devon.

Fossil Coast Gin is pleased to announce its membership to Food & Drink Devon ( a not-for-profit organisation who represent a membership of food and drink producers, retailers, hospitality venues and related businesses.

Wayne Munday (Founder of Fossil Coast Gin) says, “Our membership to Food & Drink Devon represents our belief in the power of community and working alongside other local businesses in our sector that have shared values. Our membership shall both strengthen and also contribute towards helping us to continue practicing a social responsibility that safeguards the positive impact we want to have on all aspects of society.”

Fossil Coast Gin shall be joining an impressive list of drinks and beverage members including other gin companies: Exeter Distillery, Salcombe Distilling Company, StoneShelf, Dartmoor Distillery, Gotland Gin, Atlantic Spirit Gin, Sidmouth Gin, Wicked Wolf Gin, Brixham Gin and Papillon Gin.

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