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Tasting Review of Fossil Coast Lime Stone London Dry Gin in Gin Magazine - September 2021 Edition

Sometimes you can't ignore the critics especially when they are so generous with their scores. An 8.4 and 8.5 grade in a recent Gin Magazine review of our Lime Stone London Dry Gin. Read the review.

Fossil Coast Gin


Gin Magazine

1st September 2021

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Limestone London Dry Gin (Visit Shop)

ABV: 40%

Country: England

Style: London Dry

Availability: UK

Taster: Bethany

Nose: Hedgerow fruits alongside oily juniper, and a slightly savoury herbal note. Hints of lemon and pineapplelike sweetness.

Palate: Lovely texture. Fairly classic with stronger citrus notes, more big juniper, coriander earthiness and a lingering touch of fruity sweetness.

Finish: A hint of black pepper reveals itself on the finish, which is fairly swift and leaves a bit of warmth there.

Comments: Nothing to complain about here – it’s a very decently made London Dry that would make a lovely partner for tonic.

Score: 8.4


Taster: David

Nose: A gentle, modest nose with hints of lemon and orange, along with a touch of blossom and coriander.

Palate: An incredibly smooth and sippable texture with initial flavours of dry juniper that are restrained, but evident, and gradually crescendo, bringing with them bright notes of citrus.

Finish: There is a light butteriness, with earthy angelica and a pleasant lift of citrus.

Comments: A classic, well-made London Dry gin; one for the traditionalists. It’d be cracking in an ice-cold Martini with a lemon.

Score: 8.5

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