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The Gift of Celebrating Mother's Day

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Mother’s Day will fall on the 27th March 2022. It is sometimes a challenge to find a gift that is suitably thoughtful and celebrates your mum or mother figure in your life beyond the more secular and last minute go-to flowers and chocolates. How about this "rare find" and a Mother's Day Cocktail?

Our suggestion is a classic gin and tonic on Mother's Day as the ultimate light, refreshing and invigorating cocktail that requires just two natural flavour companions along with a hint of lemon and lime.


Classic Gin & Tonic Cocktail Recipe


Use a traditional premium tonic water as Lime Stone is Lemon and Lime forwards in its taste. Use a large copa de balon glass fill with ice cubes. Pour the gin, then top with tonic and gently stir so not to lose the bubbles. Garnish with a lemon. Enjoy!


What's the Origin of Mother's Day?

Unlike other holidays throughout the year such as Christmas and Valentines the tradition of Mother’s Day is celebrated across the world on different dates and with often very different origins.

In the United Kingdom it always takes place on the fourth Sunday in the festival of Lent, exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday. In Britain the origins of Mother’s Day dates back to the Middle Ages a period of nearly 1,000 years in Europe.

Following the collapse of the Roman Empire in 476 when the Odoacer a Germanic barbarian who joined the Roman Army and who would go on to become the King of Italy would depose the last Roman emperor Romulus Augustulus.

During this period people who had moved away from where they grew up came back to their home or 'mother' churches, and their mothers, on the fourth Sunday of the Christian festival of Lent. It was a date that gave an opportunity for families to meet up again.


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