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Valentine's Cocktail Recipe for Passion & Love

February is usually considered the last month of Winter and marks the coming of Spring. A festival that celebrates the coming of Spring around the world is Valentine’s or St. Valentine’s Day mid-month on the 14th February. Our Red Bed Gin Liqueur cocktail may make this date an occasion extra special.

We all know that this is a day of romance for lovers so what better way than enjoy with a cocktail variation of the classic Bellini with a mix of Red Bed Gin Liqueur and Prosecco.

The deeply rich red of the Fossil Coast Red Bed Gin Liqueur is the colour of passion, love, wealth and comes from the high content of strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant botanicals.


Red Bed Bellini

  • Chill the glasses in advance (Champagne Flute or Champagne Glass)

  • 2 parts Prosecco

  • Garnish with red berries


The classic Bellini was created by head bartender Giuseppe Cipriani in 1948 at "Harry's Bar" in Venice, Italy. This classic cocktail mixes 2 parts prosecco (generally dry or extra dry) with 1-part fresh peach purée (ideally the juice of a "verona" white peach) and served in Champagne Flute.

The Bellini’s name comes from a renaissance painting by 15th-century Venetian artist Giovanni Bellini who painted a Saints robe in a pink colour similar to the cocktail.

A number of alternatives have been devised around the Bellini including replacing the Prosecco with champagne to create a "Bellini Royal". Non-alcohol variations employ fizzy juice or soda water to replace peaches with strawberry ("Rossini"), with fresh orange squash ("Mimosa") or pomegranate ("Tintoretto").

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