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Why we built Fossil Coast Gin

Updated: May 23, 2021

Fossil Coast Gin is a premium drink brand owned and operated by Keystohn Limited a start-up family office venture builder based in Devon.

Keystohn was founded by father and son Wayne Munday and Jack Munday during the COVID pandemic in November 2020 as an organisation dedicated to researching business ideas, building teams, building infrastructure, collaborating, and managing a portfolio of ventures to grow and succeed.

Why build a gin company? The spirits market is a busy market and the number of distilleries in the UK has significantly grown over the last eight years. The drinks marketplace is always evolving and calls for innovative and creative growth approaches that influence the forces that impact price, choice and the behaviour of both producers, intermediaries and consumers.

Our research indicates an opportunity for a small number sectors including artisan small batch distilling to positively contribute to increasing the scope of British geographic indication (GI) by establishing authentic brand origin or a “story in a bottle” for distilled products in often familiar, overlooked or underrated geographic localities.

Brand origin is important to knowledgeable consumers and it can also be used as an appropriate vehicle to build positive cause and geographic marketing associations. It is this combination that acts as a driver to influence the value of a brand, purchase behaviour and is shown to be more important to consumers than choice/selection, price, function and quality.

Our goal is to explore how brand origin of distilled spirits can be an effective differentiator in enhancing both place identity and the marketing narrative for specific areas, towns and villages by bringing like-minded people together to breathe new life into creating a “circumstance” of economic, social and environmental impact that generates jobs, wellbeing and the sense of a vibrant community.

In short, we want to create a commercial organisation and brand that has an affective and emotional impact on place-identity that enhances a sense of belonging by residents and purpose for tourists to visit on a staycation.

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