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Product Information 

Kimmeridge, is our handcrafted spiced rum spirit drink. Made from a combination of sugar cane, molasses, apples, blackberries and a hint of fiery cinnamon. This exquisite combination of ingredients gives the spirit a dark purple colour and bold taste of warming fruit and spice. 


Our premium spiced rum spirit is named after the highly fossilferous clay marine-shelfs found deep beneath the Jurassic Coast rich in marine reptiles. The oil shale was mined in the 19th century as fuel for glass making and in 1848 powered the street lights of Wareham. 


Kimmeridge Rum Spirit is made for those who love to explore, travel and enjoy the natural world. 



Blackberry, Cider Apple and Cinnamon and Sugar Cane Molasses


Alcohol Content

50cl - 35% ABV

0.88 units per 25ml 

17.5 units per bottle 


The Story Behind The Bottle

Kimmeridge is named after the 155 million year old Kimmeridge clays. These clays are a series of four organic-rich rhythms of highly fossiliferous marine-shelfs. The area around Kimmeridge Bay was once the seabed of a deep tropical sea rich in large marine reptiles such as crocodilians, pterosaurs, plesiosaurs, pliosaurs, and ichthyosaurs. One of these rhythms is the source for an oil and gas shale rock.


Kimmeridge Rum Spirit Drink - Blackberry, Apple & Cinnamon - 50cl 35% (abv)

VAT Included

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